Thursday, 22 March 2012

each day has our potential written in the sun but we are blinded by our light of what we could have done.

i got twitter - quinnsephine - so K got a blog. we are equal now. although she is actually far more wonderful than me.

on friday i was offered a place at university to study paediatric nursing. i've managed the pain without medication in three days. there are a couple of people in my life who i just couldn't be more proud of. dance class starts soon R. rockness too. and summer ends with turning nineteen, soul survivor and joining cu at uni.

perhaps our dreams are a long time coming, a while in the making and a little off key but doesn't that mean they will be the most spectacular in the end. i hope so.

and what are your fears?
and what are your dreams?

infact, what is your biggest fear; what is your greatest dream?

i love this video, i want it to spread. take world by storm like kony did. because the thing is, yes we have the potential to do great across the world but the thing i think we forget, is that we have the potential to do great within ourselves.

Fears vs. Dreams from To Write Love on Her Arms.

x xx

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