Tuesday, 29 November 2011

tempted to sin in the form of starvation, each choice in opposition frightens the devil.

c.s.lewis wrote in the screwtape letters, "it was just about time he had some lunch. the Enemy presumably made the counter-suggestion . . . that this was more important than lunch."

i have never considered the concept of evil particularly. the idea of the devil makes me uncomfortable; that we are made in the image of God yet have such potential for darkness. 

we talked about it last night, huddled around mugs of coffee, filled with homemade pudding and passages from ephisian.

but to shy from evil might mean that we must not make war with the world but peace with ourselves and with a calm acceptance that evades arrogance and eludes greed. difficult, huh?

today as we remember someone we lost, we also welcome someone we are yet to know. one day can change your perception of darkness and light, incredibly. in the most horrid of circumstances the world goes on; a girl lost, a little boy born.

will the equilibrium keep going forever? does God counter each of the devil's pawns?

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