Friday, 16 March 2012

if two years is what it takes then let them run by quick, we need to see end of this before the stars break.

it's rainy in the city and it's dark inside and out. mud streaks on the bus floors and steamed windows galore. it's dark in my head and it's darkening my heart. they are struggling and it's killing me, i want to save the world.

we aren't children anymore, we're adults in this world and i'm trying to face it's beauty rather than it's flames and soot. if we're ill in our heads then we're just crazy, but if our bodies are ill then it feels real. is that what you're all aiming for, in the madness of this starvation and scales?

it's like we're fumbling for the light but the bulb is still blown. the problem isn't our desires, it's our actions. i want us to be well. i want you to see each other as positive examples rather than competitors or someone to fret our.

if there was a secret then i'd tell you with no delay but all i know is that sometimes praying works for me.

love x xx
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