Friday, 4 March 2011

i think you forget that it can kill. quiet, silent. still.

i want to write something worthy of how magical you are rts. words are floundering at the moment for me but...

i cried when i read your message. 

sweetheart, you can't die. you can't, you won't. my facebook shows you as a sister and that's a pack that i won't have broken. anorexia can go fuck right off, she isn't taking you away.

i can't believe how poorly you got, how they didn't notice you slip before them. i hate how i cannot give you a hug and talk in code about calories and getting better.

when we were trapped here you were the closest friend i had, i fitted in for the first time i can remember. i owe you so much rts. (i know you hate that nickname, sorry love).

i'm praying for you. my adopted wee sis, one of my best friends, a teapot with a handle just now but not forever. 

loveyou r. everyone does.

x xx

even though you don't know her, please pray for her. i just want her to get better.
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