Tuesday, 23 August 2011

sick. sick. sick. sick. is it any wonder that the world's next generation is ill so young?...

there are many things out there in our world which are wrong; we fight each other, we steal and riot, we kill animals for pleasure and destroy the earth we were given.

but these things are global, there is only so much one person alone can do.

and what i write next is not in any way comparable with the destruction of our world but it shows where the potential for self-destructing ourselves can come from.

for i come across an article like THIS and i am outraged that anyone could come up with a brain washing idea quite like it for our next generation. this comes from an educated adult in a continent which prides itself as being at the fore front of "right against wrong".

what is worse is that Aloha Publishing, the self publishing agency this author used, has not even begun to think of removing the book. just type in the title, "Maggie Goes On A Diet" and you can see disgust sweeping across the internet. among the upset there are tragic stories of girls dying from eating disorders that started as "simple diets".

i should have been one of those girls. it scares. this self hatred must stop.

i know obesity is an growing problem, especially in developed countries, but this, aimed at those as young as SIX, is not the way to solve such a deep routed problem.

i want to do something. i want it to STOP.

and i am out of ideas except that perhaps if we ALL click HERE just once and write to Aloha that we think their decision to publish this book is unacceptable then maybe, just maybe, someone might stand up and take notice.

i have no idea how many people read my scatterings of words but please, all it takes is a few hundred voices from accross the globe.

with love and prayers,


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