Sunday, 1 May 2011

stop counting time and lives and numbers and passing people. the universe already has its place.

dearest irrational quinn,

do you think we're all trying to save somebody?

if you think about it, late at night in the midst of sleepless dreams, you see that we all kind of are: there is the boy you secretly love who smokes weed inbetween classes in order to forget; there is your mother working too hard for too little in return, much the same as your father is also doing; there is your little brother or big sister who don't fit in at school or who's boyfriend is quite good enough for them; there is your best friend who's hell bent on perfect grades or loosing weight or athletics.

in the end you're there, seruptisiously trying to edge your way into all there lives. often without even realising it and hopefully, if your any good, without them noticing at all.

you are the girl who persaudes the boy to come in the park instead of hiding behind smoke clouds. you are the girl who has the fire on, the dinner made, a fresh bar of salted almond chocolate on the table for your parents when they come in. you are the girl who's got the listening ears, the kind smile, the rubbish jokes and warm hugs for everyone.

everyone but herself.

and it's such a cliche. but it's true, we're all trying to save each other but sometimes we aren't very good at saving ourselves.

stare down the barrel of your gun, flick the light switch up, look in the mirror and stop being the hypocrite you are. start saving yourself cause everyone else is done picking up your pieces.

sincerely and with love, rational quinn

x xx
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