Sunday, 5 February 2012

letting go can only make you lighter, forgiveness is a talent that i rarely find in others.

see you hate us but we don't hate you. at least, we didn't ...i don't think. we're only starting to. but i know we could turn the other cheek. i know we'd forgive you if you meant the sorry words you say.

cause how can it be fair, that we are judged for past mistakes but we don't judge on your current jealousy.

granted seventeen years is long to bind. though it's not time that makes friends last, its friends that make time who last.

i know, cliched to the skys. i guess they wouldn't be cliches if not true and widely spread.

i'll pray you see us for more that what you think we are. cause hate hurts and i don't want anyone to hurt from a pain like that.

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